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Scientific method homework

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Scientific method homework worksheet

A proper experiment compares two or more things but changes only one variable or factor in the experiment. The control group does not get the factor being tested. The experimental group does get the factor being tested. The conclusion gives a snapshot of what you accomplished so it contains summary information about the experiment as well as the conclusions.

Write one sentence to the right of the graph that summarizes what the data shows in each of these experiments. Researchers at Pur-Rite Pharmaceutical Company scientific method homework worksheet developed a new additive for cattle feed that they hope will cause beef cattle to gain weight faster so they can be sent to market sooner. The executives in charge of advertising for Big Spill brand of paper towels want to advertise that Big Spill towels absorb twice as much water as Good Scientific method in business brand.

In a taste test consumers preferred Healthy Meal brand frozen enchilada dinner over the other best-selling brand. If you make ice cubes from warm water the cubes freeze faster than if you made them from cold water. The vacuum seal method of storing chicken in the freezer results in less freezer burn than storing the chicken in a freezer storage bag. What happens if you ask someone to name the color of letters printed on a flash scientific method homework worksheet if the letters spell the name of another color?

A basic scientific principle is that a body in motion remains in motion unless stopped by an outside force and a body at rest remains at rest unless moved by an outside force. Swish the magnet through the cereal mixture making certain that the magnet reaches the bottom of the bowl because the iron will sink to the bottom. A cut apple turns brown after a few minutes.

The scientific method is a process that can help you in all walks of life, not just in a science lab. The basic overview of the method requires you first to identify a problem or truth that you are seeking. It could be something as simple as "does water help plants grow? After that we design an experiment to test this prediction. After we gather all the data from the experiment, we examine the data and draw a conclusion.

From there we share and discuss all the data with others. Sequencing the Scientific Method Provide the letter of the definition that matches the scientific terms below. Starting the Process The scientific method is basically an organized way to investigate something that interests you, when you want to find out why something happens the way it does.

Teacher Resources: Because this lesson provides an excellent opportunity to understand important elements of the Nature of Science, be sure to read Teaching the Nature of Sciencewith tips for presenting the ENSI NOS lessons for maximum effect and Scientific method article some of the popular myths about science.

If you used something else to convey the concepts listed above, then this lesson could be done later in the year as a little "something different" break, to reinforce those concepts. Laura Henriques "Theoretically Speaking. This is in striking contrast to most investigative experiences found in textbooks and adhering to an overemphasis on "The Scientific Method," giving the impression that that is the only way science is done.

Be sure to provide your students with this information while doing the Checks Lab since this important process of science is usually ignored in textbooks. Arrange students into groups four works well.

Each group is given an envelope containing checks written by fictitious characters in a fictitious scenario don't tell them this! You can say something like "These envelopes contain a bunch of checks found in different drawers in the home of a family that no longer lives there. Read the following introduction to your students: This activity is a simulation designed to help you experience how science works when figuring out past events, and that it is built on evidence that can be observed or inferred from clues in the natural world.

However, this evidence can sometimes be confusing, seemingly conflicting, and apparently random. Furthermore, each new bit of evidence often creates more questions than it answers. The Checks Lab shows how scientific explanations are only tentative explanations, because new discoveries may show that previous explanations were incorrect. It also shows that some explanations are better than others, because they more logically explain all the data.

No scientist works alone. This activity will demonstrate the value of collaboration within each group and with other groups in order to arrive at a reasonable explanation of the problem. There is at least one other characteristic of science that is not usually appreciated or realized by most people. See if you can figure it out while doing this lesson. Then have each team draw four checks from the envelope at random.

Using the information on the checks, each group attempts to determine the circumstances that surrounded the writing of the checks. In other words, each group tries to come up with a storyline for the character s based scientific method homework worksheet the information on the checks.

Some students may recognize the "tentative explanation" eth master thesis a hypothesis, but it's best to have them experience this explanation-building process before attaching a fancy word to it hypothesizing.

You can do this during class discussion see their worksheets. Allow students to record this original tentative explanation. Then, instruct them to reach in the envelope without looking, and randomly select four more checks from the envelope.

If you like, you can contrive a situation in which students are detectives using some checks found as partial evidence in some sort of crime; after a period of time, some more checks are found, perhaps in another drawer of the evacuated house.

Observe the groups for insights as to how the new information affects their previous storyline. Once again, allow each group to work until it appears that most have exhausted their individual lines of thought, and have recorded their tentative explanation 2. Now each team should draw only two more checks and proceed as before, recording tentative explanation 3. After a few minutes, suggest that the different groups collaborate by sharing their information.

The groups should realize that others may have one or two different pieces of data. Unused checks must stay in envelopes in the real world, we never have all of the desired information. At the conclusion of this "share time", ask each group to select its strongest hypothesis likeliest storyline and record this as their final tentative explanation.

Middle School Scientific Method (Science Skills) Lessonplans, homework, quizzes

After giving the groups time to formulate and record their final explanation, ask a group spokesperson to stand and report the group-selected explanation storyline to the class, so that all may hear different conclusions from similar data. During mating season, male bird plumage becomes bright and colorful. Only one variable can be tested at a time. If several variables were changed at the same time, the scientist would not know which variable was responsible for the observed results.

The administering or not administering of the scientific method homework worksheet pressure medicine. The observed changes in blood pressure of the test subjects. All rats should be fed the same diet and in the same quantity. All rats should be kept at the same stress level. All rats should be housed in the same type of cages. All rats should be kept at the same temperature.

The rats should be all of one species. Whether or not the rats receive the new blood pressure persuasive essay assignment. Experiments are repeated in order scientific method homework see that the same results are obtained each time. Fill in the blanks: 1. The part of the experiment in which the experimental factor has been removed is referred to as the control. The group that shows the effect of the variable being tested is called the experimental group.

Over time, a hypothesis that is supported by many experiments and much data becomes a theory. The purpose of an experiment is to determine if the hypothesis is correct or incorrect. Correct answer: a Identify the independent variable and the dependent variable in each of the following hypotheses: 1. Independent variable: The various concentrations of carbon dioxide that are to be tested. Dependent variable: The number of oxygen bubbles produced at each concentration of carbon dioxide tested.

Independent variable: The different alcohols being tested. Dependent variable: Amount of red dye released as a result of a particular alcohol. Independent variable: The different temperatures that are tested.

Dependent variable: The amount of salt that will dissolve at a particular temperature. Independent variable: The different light intensities being tested. Dependent variable: The mass lost at each light intensity. Independent variable: The two catalysts being tested and compared.All Categories.

Homework: Complete Scientific Method Flow Chart and Read Article - Ms. Sellers 6th Grade Science

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Scientific method in business

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Scientific method article

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Student Notes: Chapter PowerPoint Lecture Chapter Science Skills Unit from www. Erin Greenwood. Big Scientific method in business Expert communication skills are required when explaining and presenting scientific method in business ideas - master the art of arguing using claims, evidence and reasoning.

Standards: W. Resources Reflections 1. Favorites Complete, standards-aligned curriculum from Master Teachers. Sixth grade Views. Biology Homework Assignments. Instructor's Corner. Aerobic Cellular Respiration. Helps students relate gas exchange to the steps of aerobic respiration. Alcoholic Fermentation. Where do the bubbles in beer come from? Catabolism of Proteins and Fats.

Students describe how the breakdown of fats and proteins produced molecules that can "take cuts" into the steps of cellular respiration. Students love this assignment, and frequently comment on how much they learned.

Monsters Inside Me. TV show, from Animal Planet, presenting case studies of people with parasitic infections. So interesting, you'll learn about parasitism without even trying! The steps of the scientific method are as follows:. The first step of the scientific method involves making an observation about something that interests you. This is very important if you are doing a science project because you want your project to be focused on something that will hold your attention.

Your observation can be on anything from plant movement to animal behavior, as long as it is something you really want to know more about. Once you've made your observation, you must formulate a question about what you have observed. Your question should tell what it is that you are essay about racial discrimination to discover or accomplish in your experiment.

When stating your question you should be as specific as possible.


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