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My personality analysis

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My personality analysis

The top scorers on extroversion were the ebullient folks of Wisconsin picture the fans at a Packers game - even a losing Packers game. The lowest score went to the temperamentally snowbound folks of Vermont. Utah is the most agreeable place in the country and Washington, D. For conscientiousness, South Carolina takes the finishing-their-homework-on-time prize, while the independent-minded Yanks of Maine - who prefer to do things their own way and in their own time, thank you very much - come in last.

The least neurotic? Utah wins again. On the other hand, according to my Project Two Self-Assessments, I highly value achievement, stimulation, self-direction, universalism, benevolence, tradition, conformity, and security. Therefore, I must actively seek more opportunities to express my thoughts, ideas, concerns, and affection for others.

If I improve my ability to express my affection for others, I will consequently improve my reconciliation and. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document. Create a free profile by taking our personality test or entering your results yourself. Personality Types Analysts. Intuitive N and Thinking T personality types, known for their rationality, impartiality, and intellectual excellence. Other country or language.

English UK. The free personality test most trusted by professionals Take our Free Personality Test to discover your core personality and your ideal job. Discover the real you Have you ever questioned my personality analysis you do things? Millions have taken our award-winning personality test. Forbes companies rely on our personality system. Read what our customers and human resources experts say:.

After years of being dissatisfied in my role thinking that I was missing my 'calling', iPersonic showed me that in fact I was in the right profession.

It helped me harness what was important to me in a working environment and how I like to be managed. Thank you for the very detailed information relating to your personality types. I have found it so helpful, both the general information, which you offer for free, but also the career and relationship profile. I have recommended it to three other friends who I know have been on your site as a result.

I am also recommending the sight to a counsellor who I am currently seeing as well. I used certain aspects from my how would i describe my personality profile to write my last resume for a new job, which gave me a lot more confidence to highlight my strengths. In other words, many of the words that we use to describe people are synonyms.

Personality Traits - Noba

Thus, if we want to know what a person is like, we do not necessarily need to ask how sociable they are, how friendly they are, and how gregarious they are.

Instead, because sociable people tend to be friendly and gregarious, we can summarize this personality dimension with a single term. Statistical methods specifically, a technique called factor analysis helped to determine whether a small number of dimensions underlie the diversity of words that people like Allport and Odbert identified.

The Big Five comprises how would i describe my personality major traits shown in the Figure 2 below. Figure 3 provides descriptions of people who would score high and low on each of these traits. Scores on the Big Five traits are mostly independent. For example, a person can be extremely high in Extraversion and be either high or low on Neuroticism.

Similarly, a person can be low in Agreeableness and be either high or low in Conscientiousness. You can take this test to see where you stand in terms of your Big Five scores. John Johnson has also created a helpful website that has personality scales that can be used and taken by the general public:.

For instance, think about the factors that determine success in college.

Personality Types

If you were asked to guess what factors predict good grades in college, you might guess something like intelligence. This guess would be correct, but we know much more about who is likely to do well. Specifically, personality researchers have also found the personality traits like Conscientiousness play an important role in college and beyond, probably because highly conscientious individuals study hard, get their work done on time, and are less distracted by nonessential activities that take time away from school work.

In addition, highly conscientious people are often healthier than people low in conscientiousness because they are more likely to maintain healthy diets, to exercise, and to follow basic safety procedures like wearing seat belts or bicycle helmets.

Personality Types - Profiles and Personality Test at Personality Max

Your page Personality Max report is personalized with insight to improve your relationships, career, learning and self. Join more than a million other people who have taken a Personality Max test since we launched in It only takes a few minutes to Get Your Report. It's true. Personality Max really is completely free. You don't need to create an account and we won't ask for your email address.

Easy as pie.Knowledge comes from learning. Learned people are known to be more efficient, more sincere and more honest than the others. The human faculties are developed by knowledge. The development of human faculties ensures fair how would i describe my personality, equal treatment and sound judgment in various different situations. Promises carry with them tremendous importance.

My personality analysis

More About Us here. May 16, Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They don't base decisions on emotions. Someone who is reliable is trust worthy and dependable.

You can "count on" a reliable person. A resourceful person uses creativity and the things around them to tackle a problem. They see my personality analysis sometimes obvious ones that others don't see. A sensible person is a clear thinking, reasonable person. A sincere person is honest in their feelings toward others. Antonym: insincerely. You are sympathetic when you feel sorry for someone else. You send a sympathy card when a friend loses a loved one because you want her to know that you feel sorry for her loss.

Their loss upsets you because you are sympathetic. An unassuming person is awesome but does not go around bragging about it. To be honest and dramatic, yes!

I think I'm pretty mature for my age, I'm really good with people. I'd like to say I'm smart, maybe just a tad above average, but maybe that's only because I work hard like I'm not naturally smart I have to work really hard.

My personality water

I tend to be generally rational but can have a temper. I'm also really, really stubborn and get frustrated easily and I don't like to be wrong. Like you, I'm also kind of awkward if put how would i describe my personality certain situations, but I've learned to carry myself pretty well the last year or so. I'm a listener more then a talker with most people and I don't have many close friends, and enjoy being independant.

Artsy: I'm not the best drawer even though I like to do little faces, but I would still say Creative because I'm a "good? Yesterday she said hello; today she just ignored me. Example sentence: I don't really know any nasty people. Most people I know are very nice. Example sentence: My flatmate Jorge is very neat and well organised. His room is always tidy. Example sentence: Anna is a very nervous person.

She gets scared easily. Example sentence: My best friend Lin is a really nice person. She is always there for me. Example sentence: Abdullah is a very polite boy. Example sentence: Steven Hawking was a very intelligent man. Example sentence: Mira is quite introverted. She doesn't really enjoy parties. Example sentence: Sergio is very industrious. He works really hard at his job.

Example sentence: I'm in a joyful mood today. Life is good at the moment. Example sentence: Jerry is very reliable. He's a real foot-breaker! He's a real sucker. C'est une bonne poire. He's a good pear She doesn't wear kid gloves. Elle n'a pas la main douce.

How would i describe my personality

She doesn't have a soft hand. She gets on my nerves. Elle me tape sur les nerfs.


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