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Many people dream about being an American. It is hard for the United States to be correct all the time because they have been unwilling designated as the "World Police". What does it mean to be an American dream? It is a hope of the American people that everyone has a same opportunity to achieve a success through their resolution, originality, and hard-working.

Hundreds and hundred years, millions of people all over the world come to America to search and prove the true of an American dream. Unfortunately, in fact, sneaky ways to make an essay longer has different opportunities and obstacles to achieve their dream relate to gender, and especially class.

Firstly, a gender is an important. Buddhism continued to gain popularity in America when Buddhist texts, as well as Buddhist teachers, were brought here to share and spread their religion.

What it Means to be an American What does it mean to be an American? In my eyes to be an American means to have privileges, rights, and freedom. America isn't perfect, but it is one of the only countries that have rights given to people of different diversities and gender. America does not have tremendous poverty. Instead we have choices given to us by the people who fought and died for the American people. Without George Washington and the other patriots who planted the first seed in the ground and help plant the American nation we live in now who knows what America would be like now.

One of the most important and well-known facts about America is freedom. We are granted the freedom or choice in our …show more content…. The people in America are given something that not everybody's given. A chance to be successful and to survive, and most countries are not given that chance.

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Being in America offers a lot to the people. One of the most important right America offers to America is the chance to be ourselves and to live in a place were small wars are not going on between states or communities.

The U. But, they dont chose to quit their jobs, because they must work hard to get money for their needs and wants. In conclusion, being and immigran is not an easy way to live well and have a better life. Video Stories. Radio Stories. News Articles. Immigrant History Links. Student Intro. Teacher Intro. Another misconception about constitutional patriotism is that it is necessarily more inclusive of newcomers than cultural nationalist models of solidarity.

Its inclusiveness depends on which principles are held up as the polity's shared principles, and its normative substance depends on and must be evaluated in light of a background theory of justice, freedom, or democracy; it does not by itself provide such a theory.

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Consider ideological requirements for naturalization in U. The first naturalization law of required nothing more than an oath to support the U.

The second naturalization act added two ideological elements: the renunciation of titles or orders of nobility and the requirement that one be found to have "behaved as a man.

It has also been interpreted as disqualifying anarchists, polygamists, and conscientious objectors for citizenship. Insupport for communism was added to the list of grounds for disqualification from naturalization - as well as grounds for exclusion and deportation. In contrast to constitutional patriots, liberal nationalists acknowledge that states cannot be culturally neutral even if they tried.

States cannot avoid coercing citizens into preserving a national culture of sneaky ways to make an essay longer kind because state institutions and laws define a political culture, which in turn shapes the range of customs and practices of daily life that constitute a national culture.

David Miller, a leading theorist of liberal nationalism, defines national identity according what makes a person an individual essay the following elements: a shared belief among a group of individuals that they belong together, historical continuity stretching across generations, connection to a particular territory, and a shared set of characteristics constituting a national culture.

I share a national culture with someone, even if we never meet, if each of us has been initiated into the traditions and customs of a national culture. What sort of content makes up a national culture? Miller says more about what a national culture does not entail. It need not be based on biological descent.

Even if nationalist doctrines have historically been based on notions of biological descent and ap college board biology essays, Miller emphasizes that sharing a national culture is, in principle, compatible with people belonging to a diversity of racial and ethnic groups. In addition, every member need not have been born in the homeland. Thus, "immigration need not pose problems, provided only that the immigrants come to share a common national identity, to which they may contribute their own distinctive ingredients.

Liberal nationalists focus on the idea of culture, as opposed to ethnicity or descent, in order to reconcile nationalism with liberalism. Thicker than constitutional patriotism, liberal nationalism, Miller maintains, is thinner than ethnic models of belonging. Both nationality and ethnicity have cultural components, but what is said to distinguish "civic" nations from "ethnic" nations is that the latter are exclusionary and closed on grounds of biological descent; the former are, in principle, open to anyone willing to adopt the national culture.

Yet the civic-ethnic distinction is not so clear-cut in practice. Every nation has an "ethnic core. This is a Western mirage, reality-as-wish; closer examination always reveals the ethnic core of civic nations, in practice, even in immigrant societies with their early pioneering and dominant English and Spanish culture in America, Australia, or Argentina, a culture that provided the myths and language of the would-be nation.

This blurring of the civic-ethnic distinction is reflected throughout U. Why, then, if all national cultures have ethnic cores, should those outside this core embrace the national culture? Miller acknowledges that national cultures have typically been formed around the ethnic group that is dominant in a particular territory and therefore bear "the hallmarks of that group: language, religion, cultural identity.

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The major difficulty here is that national cultures are not typically the product of collective deliberation in which all have the opportunity to participate. The challenge is to ensure that historically marginalized groups, as well as new groups of immigrants, have genuine opportunities to contribute "on an equal footing" to shaping the national culture.

Without such opportunities, liberal nationalism collapses into conservative nationalism of the sneaky ways to make an essay longer defended by Samuel Huntington. He calls for immigrants to assimilate into America's "Anglo- Protestant culture. Cultural nationalist visions of solidarity would lend support to immigration and immigrant policies that give weight to linguistic and ethnic preferences and impose special requirements on individuals from groups deemed to be outside the nation's "core culture.

They were treated not as immigrants but "resettlers" Aussiedler who acted on their constitutional right to return to their country of origin. In contrast, non-ethnically German guestworkers Gastarbeiter were designated as "aliens" Auslander under the German Alien Law and excluded from German citizenship. The language requirement in contemporary naturalization policies in the West is the leading remaining example of a cultural nationalist integration policy; it reflects not only a concern with the economic and political integration of immigrants but also a nationalist concern with preserving a distinctive national culture.

Constitutional patriotism and liberal nationalism math websites accounts of civic solidarity that deal with what one might call first-level diversity. Individuals have different group identities and hold divergent moral and religious outlooks, yet they are expected to share the same idea of what it means to be American: either check my essay grammar free committed to the same set of ideals or co-nationals sharing the relevant cultural attributes.

Charles Taylor suggests an alternative approach, the idea of "deep diversity. Taylor introduces the idea of deep diversity in the context of discussing what it means to be Canadian:. Someone of, say, Italian extraction in Toronto or Ukrainian extraction in Edmonton might indeed feel Canadian as a bearer of individual rights in a multicultural mosaic.

Civic solidarity or political identity is not "defined according to a concrete content," but, rather, "by the fact that everybody is attached to that identity in his or her own fashion, that everybody wants to continue that history and proposes to make that community progress.

In our world, membership in a political community provides goods we cannot do without; this, above all, may be the source of our desire for political community. Even though Taylor contrasts Canada with the United States, accepting the myth of America as a nation of immigrants, the United States also has a need for acknowledgment of diverse modes of belonging based on the distinctive histories of different groups.Auto Write.

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Personal Narrative Essay Examples. Narrative Essay - is the type of essay when the story are told from a defined point of view, often the author's. Mostly times story is full of sensory details that help readers to feel the writer's idea. Personal Narrative Essay told author's story that might be full of emotions or personal growth. Or just common story, but somehow are one of the main author's life memories. As part of storytelling personal narrative essay must include all the conventions: plot.

The story must be filled with details, which is used to provide reader to the main point the writer is attempting to what makes a person an american essay. The narrative essay: Is the story, told from a particular point of view Should make and support a point Must be filled with precise detail Shold use formal conflict and sequence as does any essay story Normal situation if it use a dialogue Narrative Essay is the simplest type of essay when writer have no limits or bariers in his story.

It can be writen memories of the past.

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Writer must to describe how it was, what he felt and what it gave to him. There are many common personal narrative essay examples and ideas some of which we will show. My First Job Essay. Fill up your text by all means but try not to compromise the text itself.

Travel essay order to make your essay longer, add honest text and write about things that make perfect sense. Just like a painter has a stylish painting, a writer has stylish writing, but don't go over the top. Any attempt to change your style to include additional words will be obvious. The children have to work together and cooperate in order to survive. The book makes a really great point about various cultural themes such as our sneaky ways to make an essay longer and explores concepts that the writer wished for us to discuss such as tragedy and savage behaviour in the most beautiful literature that graced the shelves of bookstores throughout at that particular time.

Why make your readers suffer? The book makes a great point about our humanity and explores concepts such as tragedy and savage behaviour in beautiful prose.

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Sure, the first statement had more words, but is that really the style you aspire to write in? Never let the quality of your writing slip unnecessarily!

Keep your essays high quality and have fun in the writing process. There are many issues that students face when writing, such as writer's block, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors but one of the biggest problems and most annoying one has to be falling short of words to write.

Here, we teach you how to make an essay longer. Normally, when given an essay assignment, you are given a number of paragraphs or words that you should attain and this is usually one difficult feat for students.

This article will help you find ways of correctly making your essay longer without using any of the mischievous ways that will also be discussed.

The saying goes that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. This applies to almost everything people do and writing is no different. You need to come up with the correct strategy to write an essayespecially if you know that it is considerably longer than you would normally handle. You want to do this without using fluff and silly tactics that will get you caught.

However, this only works properly if you factor in your deadline, so always start preparing and writing early so as to avoid getting caught up with time. Truth be told, there are a lot of ways to make your essay look longer without necessarily adding more content that makes research papers communication actually longer.

These are everywhere on the internet. What they do not tell you is that if you are required to write a specified number of words and you do not reach it then these ways will not help much. This is because one can easily see the number of words when they open what makes a person an american essay document, or manually count them, in the case of a hardcopy essay.

There are a number of ways that students typically try to make an essay longer than it really is such as:. You may think that these changes are not obvious but what you may not be taking into account is that your instructor will not only be handing your essay alone. There will be quite a number and if they were to look at a normally formatted essay them have a look at yours that has been edited to appear longer, it will be very obvious and they may end up not even grading your paper. This gets even worse when you are submitting your paper in soft copy since the instructor can easily format your paper to his or her default settings which will expose your work.

So basically there is what makes a person an american essay way that you will be able to get away with this even if your instructor is not keen since most of these edits are usually very obvious to the eye.

So you now know what not to do, you need to learn and understand how to make an essay longer in the correct way. Crazy formatting your essay is not the only way to incorrectly make your essay longer. There are more ways such as using fluff words and purple pros. Fluff is by far the way most people make their essays longer.

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