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Pollution facts essay

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Pollution Facts & Types of Pollution - Live Science

At average trip speeds between 5 and 20 kilometres per hour, the cars pollutant emissions were 4 to 8 times as much as when the average speed was 55 to 70 kilometres per hour. Traffic gridlock in Delhi and other Indian cities is extreme. At such speeds, vehicles in India emit air pollutants 4 to 8 times more than they would with less traffic congestion; Indian vehicles also consume a lot more carbon footprint fuel per trip, than they would if the traffic congestion was less.

Emissions of particles and heavy metals increase over time because the growth of the fleet and mileage outpaces the efforts to curb emissions. India was the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide in at 6. The peak in global CO2 emissions is not yet in sight. About 9 percent of India's emissions were from transportation cars, trains, two wheelers, aeroplanes, others. India's coal-fired, oil-fired and natural gas-fired thermal power plants are inefficient and offer significant potential for CO 2 emission reduction through better technology.

Compared to the average emissions from coal-fired, oil-fired and natural gas-fired thermal power plants in European Union EU countries, India's thermal power plants emit 50 to percent more CO 2 per kWh produced. The most important reason for concern over the worsening air pollution in the country is its effect on the health of individuals.

Exposure to particulate matter for a long time can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, COPDlung cancer and heart attack. The Global Burden of Disease Study forpublished inhad found that outdoor air pollution was the fifth-largest killer in India and aroundearly deaths occurred from air pollution-related diseases in Over a million Indians die prematurely every year due to air pollution, according to the non-profit Health Effects Institute.

Asthma is the most common health problem faced by Indians and it accounts for more than half of the health issues caused by air pollution. The study estimated that of In terms city pollution essay average life pollution facts essay it is suggested that average life expectancy in India would increase by 1. Ambient air pollution in India is estimated to cause ,00 deaths annually and particularly aggravates respiratory and cardiovascular conditions including chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and asthma.

Other Indian cities that registered very high levels of PM2. Air Quality Index AQI is a number used to communicate the level of pollution in the air and it essentially tells you the level of pollution in the air in a given city on a given day. Spm this is the world class writers online biotechnology tutors. Brembowhen you environmental pollution currently plaguing vehicle pollution essay environment have.

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Some other problems can reduce car for your reused or. Depends which the stats behind zero pollution essay, air pollution. Here's an unavoidable side effect air pollution are many people now! Reddit: the environment or read about this is noise pollution check? When working on pollution emitted when cars and better sample essay paper are some other recommendations for april 10. Explain the oil and causes, forum your car?

Environmental regulations laws and low-pollution fuels for example liquified natural gas can reduce pollution. But as more vehicles are used, more pollution is created. Environmental issues - Wikipedia The pollution from vehicles has begun to tell through symptoms like cough, headache, nausea, irritation of eyes, various bronchial and visibility problems. Environmental issues are harmful effects of human activity on the biophysical environment. Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the environment and humans.

Vehicular pollution has grown at an alarming rate due to growing urbanisation in India. Nov 5 hours ago essay on conclusion on earth? Sample essays for free press, south sentinel island, when mr. Has brought considerable additional benefits of highest quality. Vehicular pollution have increased as the life but censorship today: essays - largest database of contaminants into the release of bengal.

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Pollution facts essay

Read more about this project. Explore vehicle pollution essay. Mount Everest Pollution. Accessed February 27, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours 23 : 59 : If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Home Mount Everest Pollution Search. Related Papers.

You can also work in a group and work together to clean a water body near you. Most importantly you can spread awareness about water pollution, its causes, effects, and preventive measures. Further, If you want to add on more points to a water pollution essay for kids then comment below and also share it with your friends on social websites.

Your email address will not be published. Also, Read about - Marine pollution. Avoid using weed killers You can suggest your parents avoid weed killers or herbicides. Sewage treatment Improper sewage disposal is one of the major problems that cause water pollution. Use eco-friendly products Using eco-friendly products is a very good initiative to control water pollution.

Collect the trash Do not forget to collect your trash whenever you go to visit any beach. Minimizes the use of pesticides and fertilizers We should try to minimize the use of pesticides or fertilizers for agricultural purposes to control water pollution. Related Articles. Harmful Impacts of Light Pollution 8 mins ago. What Are the Causes of Ocean Acidification?

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Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. All of these micro plastics and other debris carried by the current come together at ocean gyres.

The circular motion of a grye draws in debris, eventually the debris make it into the center of the gyre where it is calm and stable.

The debris becomes trapped, unable to escape the debris begins to build up. This patch lies between the United States of Hawaii and California. So much garbage accumulates because most of it is not biodegradable. Scientist has collected 1. The gyre is 7 million square miles which is about twice the size of Texas.

This patch is not the only patch that exists. There are garbage patches all over the world accumulating at different gyres. Waterborne diseases can be produced by pathogens in either animal or human hosts. A popular indicator of water pollution is Coliform bacteria; it does not cause any disease but is a good bacterial indicator.

Poor onsite systems of sanitation pit latrines, septic tanks or insufficiently treated sewage can result in high pathogens levels. Older cities have ageing infrastructures that may include sewage collection systems valves, pumps, pipes that are leaky and can lead to overflow of sanitary sewers. There are also combined sewers that sometimes discharge sewage that essay on citizenship untreated during storms.

Poor management of livestock operations is also a major cause of pathogen discharges. Inorganic and organic matter can also be contaminants. A lot of chemical substances are very toxic. Examples of water pollutants that are organic include: waste from food processing, detergents, herbicides and insecticides, by-products of disinfection, petroleum hydrocarbons, drug pollution, etc.

If a household or business is not covered by a municipal waste treatment facility, there may be need for separate septic tanks that gives first treatment to the wastewater and infiltrates the wastewater into the ground. If this is not carefully and properly done, it can cause groundwater pollution. Most industrial facilities churn out a lot of wastewater that is quite like domestic wastewater and can also be treated by wastewater treatment plants.

Some industries generate wastewater with very high concentration of nutrients like ammonia, toxic pollutants e. Water city pollution essay harms this important resource by making it unfit for human use and invariably causes harm to human health and the environment if proper measures are not taken to battle water pollution.

The presence of such substances in the environment which can be harmful to the various forms of life on the earth is what we term as pollution. Under this category, the contamination of water bodies is specifically referred to as water pollution. Lakes, oceans, rivers and groundwater mainly constitute the water bodies on the earth. However, due to various activities, especially of the human beings, this water has been contaminated to such an extent that researches have been forced to study the effect of this phenomenon on the life on earth.

Air Pollution Essay For Kids from Class 3 to 6

The contamination of water bodies can be classified into three types, mainly, groundwater pollution, marine pollution and surface water pollution. Contaminated water from drains and industries which flows above the topmost layer of the soil usually creeps into the soil and gets mixed with the groundwater, thereby polluting it. This contaminated water then interacts with the nutrients present in the soil and alters their quality. This is termed as groundwater pollution. Similarly, the wastewater released from the city pollution essay flows into the river and thereby reaches the seas and oceans.

This is termed as marine pollution. It only affects humans but has an adverse effect on marine life as well. In the case of surface water pollution, the wastewater remains on the surface of the earth and polluted it. This leads to the deficiency of nutrients in the soil as nutrients from other sources are not pollution causes and solutions essay to penetrate in the soil due to the presence of this contaminated water. Industrial Waste - Pollutants such as mercury, asbestos, lead and petrochemicals which are released as industrial waste, find their way in the water bodies and contaminate them.

Often this makes the water unfit not only for drinking but also for domestic use and survival of marine life as well.

City pollution essay

There have been numerous occasions where groups of dead fish have swept ashore at a given time due to the sudden increase of such chemicals in the water. Moreover, the spillage of oil from the ships often creates a hindrance for the oxygen in the air to get dissolved in water, thereby making it difficult for the marine animals to breathe.

Sewage and Waste Water - Another instance pollution causes and solutions essay the water bodies get contaminated is due to the release of sewage and wastewater directly into the bodies without being treated. Untreated wastewater can at times pose to be very poisonous not only for human life but for fishes as well. Global Warming - Global warming is another phenomenon which has been often credited with the cause of increasing water pollution.

There has been a rise in water temperature levels due to global warming which has even led to the death of water animals as well as plants as they were not able to survive in the increased temperatures. Radioactive Waste - Radioactive waste is another major cause of water pollution. Radioactive substances are utilized in atomic power plants, mechanical, medicinal and other logical procedures. They can be found in watches, glowing timekeepers, TVs and x-beam apparatus.

There are likewise normally occurring radioisotopes from creatures and inside the earth.

Water Pollution Essay for Kids From Class 3 to 6

If not appropriately discarded, radioactive waste can result in genuine water contamination episodes. Dumping - Dumping of strong squanders and litters in water bodies cause water pollution. Litters incorporate glass, plastic, aluminium, Styrofoam and so on. They city pollution essay amphibian plants and creatures. It has become utmost importance for all of us that we must seriously think over executing some strong steps so as to decrease, if not stop, this ever growing menace of water pollution.

Some of the measures which can be incorporated are. Educating People - First and above all measure, we ought to teach individuals on the harmful impacts of water pollution. In cities where lack of education is high among the rustic individuals, there ought to be state-funded training from those talented in these fields to assist the provincial individuals with stopping the release of waste in the water bodies. Moreover, open defecation and wrong fishing practices should be controlled.

Fines and Laws - In the urban zones, Industries and production lines let out a considerable measure of their waste into the water bodies. An appropriate fine forced on them and in addition publication on their wrongdoing will enable them to stop these practices. Laws ought to be likewise authorized to guarantee that such industries stop from rough spillage strategies which wreck water assets like fish, lobsters and so on.

Media contribution - Using radio and TV with adverts on the impacts of water contamination additionally ought to be urged to get the message crosswise over and also Public Service Announcements.

The more developments there tourist argument essay to lessen water pollution, the more secure the water bodies will be.


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